Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long- the reason I have not yet uploaded the pics of my *New and Improved!* closet is a pretty lame (yet true) excuse: I wanted to have a crafting wreath on the door. Yes, I'm serious. But anyway, I'll never be done improving it so I'll just post it later (I just got wreath forms today- but more on that later.;)

SOOO,,, I suppose I must show you the before pics first, huh?

Yes, this IS the last box that I never un-packed after living in this house for TWO YEARS. After a while I just figured that since I wasn't looking for anything that whatever was in there wasn't important. This is the picture of laziness.

Actually, it looked a bit worse than this. I cleaned up a bit before I realized I should probably take before pictures.

Here are the main things I used to spruce it up:

Paper sorter- one of my mom's never used ones I found in the basement --free.

The weather beaten stool from the basement --free.
Plastic drawers from the basement. Trust me, plastic drawers weren't my first choice, but I needed more storage and haven't found an appealing alternative thus far.  --free

This is one of the two items my dad and I got at Goodwill. It's an old box that was made to hold "slides"... whatever those are. --$3.00

This is the other thing my dad and I got at Goodwill- the coolest mirror ever! I love how the far right hook is a different kind than the other ones- adds character. I had a 'before' picture of this but I couldn't find it, and am too lazy to take all my jewelry off and put the mirror on the floor for the pic. I'm sure you get the idea. It was $7.00, but my dad bought it for me 'cuz he's the best Daddy ever. :) so.... (for me) --free
That's about it. I did manage to cram a couple of my drawers of clothes into different drawers, so the top two of my built in drawers can be for my crafting as well, but I didn't deem it necessary to take a picture of them.  Oh yeah, and an old rug of mine I found in the box that I FINALLY  unpacked from that box, and a small lamp of my sisters' of which they broke the shade to. I have a lot of neat crochet ideas for the shade, but i need to attach the crochet to a shade- so as not to start a fire and burn down my precious new craft room. Anyway, everything else I either already had in there or am 'permanently borrowing' from someone else. So what's that sum up to? Three bucks!!!!  :D (well, plus whatever a new shade might cost;) Definitely not as cool as the one I showed you earlier, but I really enjoy it.

I tried to figure out how to make this shelf level with the drawers- sigh. Nothing I tried worked. I might try again.... someday.

Notice the shade-less lamp, and the cool jewelry box of my sister's. I found it in the basement...... she wasn't using it! (She did find it in here, but I guess she's fine with me using it since she let me keep it for the time being.) Also, doesn't that 'yarn picture' look like a sunrise or sunset?? (I used bernant mosiac brand yarn- so gorgeous! And expensive!) Also my lovely set of Laura Ingalls Wilder books- I don't have any room on my bookshelf. I'll have to figure something out. Do I get the record for longest caption or what???

I just love this basket!

Isn't it perfect???

Yeah, pay Noooo attention to the yarn shelf. I would have put it in some of my cute baskets, but then I'd have to dig through it to find the yarn I need and it'd get all tangled and I wouldn't be able to see it all at once. So I'm living with it.

What? No, there isn't a picture of this above. You're imagining things.

Someday I'm going to put away the stuff in that basket so that I can put it away. There's another someday.

As you can see, I'm not much of a scrapbook-er. I enjoy it, but I enjoy so many other things more that I just never have time for it.

This is one of my favorite parts. It just looks so fancy and elegant- right out of a home decor magazine! I'm disappointed the picture is crooked though.  ....and that the shelf is un-even!!!! I'm glad I don't knit that often because that jar of needles is too cute! 

So, that's basically it, and all for basically $3.00! :) If anyone else has any cheap room re-dos, I'd love to see pics!! :)

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  1. Hey that jewelry box was a present for Ms. Liz (birthday or christmas) - tell her that I'm hurt that she'd just give it away so easily (and make that doubly hurt that it was in the basement being unused)!!!! :)